Anthropology PaleoDiet Laboratory

The Paleodiet Laboratory is part of the NAU Anthropology Laboratories. Paleodiet means “ancient diet” and refers to the analysis of stable isotopes of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and strontium in archaeological skeletal remains. From these analyses gained from archaeological human and faunal remains, Dr. Corina M. Kellner and her students are able to obtain individualized information on diet and migration patterns. The Paleodiet Laboratory located in Building 49 also includes space for the analysis of sex, age, health, and trauma in archaeological human skeletal remains. Dr. Kellner’s specialty is Bioarchaeology, which is the analysis of human skeletal remains from archaeological contexts and she focuses on prehistoric Peru.

What is Bioarchaeology? Click here to get a medical definition.

What are stable isotopes and how do you analyze them? Click here to get an overview from the NAU Colorado Plateau Stable Isotope Lab.

Excellent bioarchaeology Field Schools – in Peru and in the United States.
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